lørdag 29. april 2017

Summer 2016

Talking with Dad

At the Viking Museum in Oslo

At Prekestolen(Pulpit rock) with Christopher


No good summer without a visit from Hege and the boys

Claudio came all the way from South Africa to visit

With Granny(Farmor)


At Mølen

Board games are fun!

Spending time with Lise

Showing Else the salmons

My baby Audi

Inger helping me cleaning my brother house as a surprise : )

My kitchen assistants

The boys are ready for a camp

Lunch with Uncle Jim and Carolin

Great with visitors from Nepal

The supervisor 

Putting up prayer flags from Nepal

Watching salmons with Carolin

Johannes, Gard and Trym at Kjerrafossen

With Carolin and Inger

On our way home to New Orleans

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